Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nostalgia: Part 2 The School

The Best days of life are the shortest…

We always miss those good old days…

May be they are meant to be missed…

However long they are, we always wish for more…

“We always have best friends in each phase of life… Only lucky ones have the same friends throughout…”

The fact that I call up my school buddies whenever I am feeling a bit low tells me that school life is not gone.. It’ll never go.. Stays as the golden memories in life…

I miss my school life… Those were the best days of life...

Yes; I agree with the fact that college life is considered to be the best but school life was different… There are so many things you wouldn’t have done in school but still there is something which makes school life different from everything else..

College life is all about freedom while in school you are under a constant scrutiny by teachers.. Not even in my remotest dreams I have thought about bunking… Now only I realize how easy it was to bunk then… Just one attendance in the morning!!!

Then there was a Principal who called your parents to school every time you get into some trouble like not bringing a record book or failing in a class test.. If that were the situation in college parents had to settle somewhere here only!!!

Rarely only we were sent out from the classroom, which would be accompanied by sadness, anger and a number of other emotions.. In college if sent out from class there are only two emotions: worry about the attendance and relief!!!

PTA (Parent Teachers Association) meetings!! Another dreaded event which occurs usually once a year.. In special cases can occur twice also.. (Happened in 10th and 12th)

Other than the routine complaints from teachers (He is good but because of his company he is not doing well in studies.. And they are telling it to everyone… If everybody is good then how can we be in bad company???) But parents being parents never think of it… They always take the teachers very seriously!! As it always happen those very guys will remain your best friends!! And the ‘good’ guys whom your teachers want you to be friends with will never be a good friend.. Most of the time he turns out to be someone like Chathur in 3 Idiots…!! I really pity people who don’t believe in making good friends!! They don’t know what they are missing out in life!!!

Apparently PTA meetings are the only time when the ‘bad guys’ in the class show their nice side… You probably wonder if the ‘obedient’, ‘respectful’, ‘good’ guy standing next to his mom/dad is the same person who threatened to kick your butt because you didn’t give back his ‘girl friends’ pen..!!!

Well that’s another thing.. How much ever hard you try there are very few chances school time affairs make it to the real world.. Unlike college these ‘couples’ has to be very careful because if you were found together outside or suspiciously close inside the campus you are bound to get noticed by the teachers and would be told to your parents in the next PTA meeting or sometimes earlier also… It has happened when I was in 11th a ‘couple’ was caught from a nearby juice shop by a staff.. Parents were called.. So much drama followed and eventually the boy’s parents took him to another school.. The reason was that roaming around in the uniform gave a bad name to the school… Here in Mangalore I am seeing 9th standard and 10th standard kids roaming around in couples…

I really hope things have changed back home..

(But the lucky ones do make it to the real world and end up in marriage… But there is only a handful of such people…)

It’s been three years since I have stepped from school… On a rainy evening I never think of the times I didn’t bunk.. Not once about the PTA or the principal... It would always be a group of friends who made my school life beautiful… Every time while going through those old photos, it’s all about the fun we had.. The time we went for a tour.. How we spent the last days of school days enjoying the maximum..

Indeed school life was the best time in my life!!!

Dedicated to all my buddies in school…. Without whom life wouldn't have been colourful…

Saturday, January 16, 2010

an Easy Escape and HS!!!

Once in every 2 or 3 months I go on an 11hr train journey to my home.. Consider the following situations you might encounter in a train journey.. When you are alone and hoping for a peaceful journey…

Situation #1

You are in a train. Its an overnight journey.. And your co-passenger really likes to talk!!(And it’s not a cute girl!! Mind it!! Not even a girl!!) But you are not at all interested in sharing his views on the Iraq invasion and the ‘latest tower’ in Dubai!! Apparently he thinks it’s a watch tower built by the Americans to watch over the Middle East!!! I’d rather listen to him telling about his grand uncle who had a killed 3 tigers, 1 elephant, 8 wild boars and countless rats when he open fired in the jungle!! Unfortunately he died of rabies because he told everyone that was a lion bite!!!( sorry!! That was the other guy..!) Well that’s also not very interesting as I usually kill tigers by cracking PJs…!!

Situation #2

Actually this guy is better than the next guy who insists on knowing everything from the place of your birth to the place you are planning to die!! After which he proceeds to enquire about your father, mother and every relative alive or dead… And the worst part is that he supposedly knows at least 3 of them also… Many a times I wish I could tell him “dude I am not sure about mine but yours is gonna be this train!!!”

Situation #3

Now imagine you are sitting next to a cute girl who is reading a book you haven’t even heard off… Still wanting to impress her you start off by telling how good the book is and how you liked his previous books also… Apparently it turns out to be the author’s first book!!

Situation #4

Three doctors working together in the same hospital going to the same place without their wives..!!! That is a literal torture!! Please don’t be under the impression that the talk is of the medical mysteries they solved.. Its plain bitching about the fellow doctors!! How under-trained they are and how superior they are… And they do try to show off how cool they are by taking out their over priced ‘smart’ phones and trying to do stuff with it which even a 5th standard kid can do.. Then the essential comparison follows.. “My phone has a horn!!” “Mine has a head and a tail!!” Apparently what they actually know is just to make calls and text…! What else is a phone for??!!!

God save their patients!!!

Situations where you just want to vanish!!! Well there is an easy way!! Get yourself a descent phone with HEADPHONES or a music player with HEADPHONES!!!!

Plug it in and go to your happy place!!!

HS and HA

Has anybody heard of a syndrome called HS (House Syndrome)??? Which results from HA(House Addiction) If not I am planning to be the 1st patient suffering from these rare syndromes!!!! As I am addicted to House MD I started to feel that I am suffering from serious illness which I can’t figure out because I am not House and I am not a post graduate in Medicine ( an UG in dentistry) and most importantly the small sensible part of me is telling there is nothing wrong with me.. I was told that this is just another side effect of the House addiction disease and will soon wear off as it gets over.. But seriously how can I relax when I feel something is not correct..

Not only that, I am now trying to find out things about people just by ‘observing’ them… Sincerely hope none of my cute ‘subjects’ would notice me observing them!!!! :D

(p.s those who are unaware of the series House MD please refer to the previous post or just Google it!!!)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New year New resolutions!!

Belated New Year wishes!!!
Hope all have made Resolutions… Resolutions are meant to broken so mine is not to make resolutions!!! But that would actually require me to make resolutions!!! Not fair!!
So here goes… My resolutions for 2010!!!

Reso#1: Finish House MD as fast as possible
For those who are unaware of it, it’s a series about a doc Dr. Gregory House.. In simple words it’s about him finding out the diseases which no one else can figure out!! His sarcasm, character, unconventional diagnostic methods used and the rare diseases are the chief attractions plus his relationship with other characters which tends to change randomly.. Other than this it’s predictable as any typical bollywood movie!! First something happens to someone.. They reach Dr.House.. Nobody has a clue in the first 30 min then suddenly while doing something else or by doing something out of the way he finds out what it is!! Known to cause addiction and I am just reached season 2 out of 6 seasons… Haven’t seen any other movie after I started this.. So I just want to finish it!! So many works are pending…
For more information just Google him!! (Apparently I did!!.!)
Which leads me to my second resolution…
Reso#2: Reduce Googling
Google has answers to most of our questions… Except when the questions get a bit personal!! If the internet is a huge heap of data, Google is the torch not just a regular torch but a torch which shows where to look also!! I know the metaphor is useless because if you are reading this you should have used Google at least 10 times… Its having a monopoly in the Internet…. Apparently there is a condition called Discomfogooglomania in which a person feels frustration, anger , depression and uncontrolled rage when he is unable to Google.. He feel lack of confidence unless he googles what he is looking for..
(Don’t bother searching it.. Google has made sure it won’t come up in its search)
If any of you have these symptoms do consult a psychiatrist at the earliest to prevent further complications!!!
As the old saying goes ‘Prevention is better than cure’…. Reduce the use of Google..
I don’t have any alternatives to tap the potential of the internet but I’ll put it up here as soon as I find it in Google!!!
Reso#3 Watch good movies
This year I plan to watch a whole lot of good movies.. Movies which got critical acclaims, which has won Awards, which are in the top 250 movies in IMDB instead of the action/comedy movies I am currently obsessed with!! Suggestions are welcome!!
( not for the good movies I can get that in IMDB!!)
Reso#4: Study Online/ study with a laptop
Finally a resolution Am sure of keeping!!!( Don’t get me wrong; not the studying part.!)
For the past three years I had a consistent resolution to reduce my computer usage but it just kept on increasing… So this year I am going with the trend and keeping a resolution to actually increase my usage to ‘study’!!! Am sure most of the textbooks are available in Google books!!!! For free!!! ( Another example of the monopoly I was talking about.!!)
But when you have gigabytes of movies and music I am not very confident if I would use the few megabytes of class notes I am having..!!
Reso#5 Daily exercise
Daily exercise including jogging in the evening and gym visits regularly!!!
But mostly its gonna be hogging instead of jogging and running to the class will be the maximum exercise!!!

I can think of only these many now…. Do put up your resolutions here!!!! And any suggestions you might have about mine!! It’ll be given serious thoughts next year!!!

(Apparently am totally addicted to House MD so mostly wont be active for a week or even longer!!..!)
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