Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dairy of my Nerd neigbour: The Church bell Acanthoma

Today was a bad day!! I couldn't answer a question in the class test..
I came early to class and sat next to the topper.. Not that I wanted to copy or anything (I was studying for the last one week!!!), but just in case.. But sir made me move from that place and had to sit in the back bench.. I hate those places..
Then Rohan came. First of all he was late and above all he came and sat right behind me.. Test started. It was pretty easy.. I just didn't know one answer.. After 5 minutes I think, Rohan started poking me, he was asking for my paper!! I was too afraid to turn!! Sir will think i tried to copy from him.. (Yeah right!! As if I want to copy from him!!You really cant believe how dumb they act at times..)
I told him ( facing front only, not turning back) I'll dictate the answers.. "I just know one answer!! You'll dictate the whole answer sheet?" He asked. I sat as if I didn't hear what he said. I got up to take an extra paper, saw Rohan's paper. It was shocking! Yeah, it was almost blank.. But the only answer he wrote was the answer I didn't know! I asked him that answer.. "You bloody @!!@$!@$!@!@$... " was the reply.. I am still wondering how he knew the answer...* I think sir saw me turning back.. I simply sat there as if nothing happened.. But then sir came and went through my paper. He didn't say anything, kept it back and took Rohan's paper.. I heard an exclamation..
"What is this?? Church bell acanthoma??** Even though I listened hard I could hear only some mumbled response from Rohan. Finally sir took our papers and left.. Throughout the day I thinking of those two things.. How he knew the answer and what is church bell acanthoma.. I tried searching it in every standard foreign and Indian authors text books.. I searched online also but still I have no idea about it..
Tomorrow have to ask the class topper or I'll ask sir only..

* I had the notes with me.. Unfortunately it had only one answer!!!
** Acanthoma is a pathological condition.. Church bell is how it looked in my paper..

***The nerd neighbor is a work of fiction but 'church bell acanthoma' has been found in my paper recently!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stranger on Train

Sarah was the first to smile at her. She smiled back. It was beautiful but a deep sorrow was evident on her face in spite of the smile. She was sitting in the seat diagonal to mine and Sarah was on my lap. Sarah, my 2 year old cousin continued showing some actions at her. Finally she came towards us. But shattering my expectations she didnt stop or talk but lightly stroked on Sarah's cheek, looked at me and walked to the end of the compartment.

I suddenly got the urge to follow her so i gave Sarah back to her mother and went after her. There she was waiting for me.
"Are you a Scorpio?"
"What??" I was taken aback by this strange question.
"Your sun sign. Is it Scorpio?"
"Yes. How did you guess?"
"It was not a guess. A Scorpio always know when it meets another. I am amazed you didn't know it. You never had any such experience?"
"Like what??"
"You meet someone for the first time and then within no time you realise the bond and become really close.. It has happened to me quite a few times."
"I don't think it has happened to me."
"Well now it happened.."
And then she laughed. The ice was broken.
Then she started to ask about me. Unlike every other train journey with every other stranger I didn't hold back or make up anything. I told her everything.How I first fell in love and the horrible breakup which happened recenly. I told her honestly how depressed I was..How often I have thought of suicide.. Never before I have told anyone that I was seeing a therapist. May be
she was right about Scorpio thing. I was not a big believer in sun signs and all.
When I started asking her about her life, she said "Its a long story. I will tell you after your dinner. Think your family is waiting for you."
Indeed they were waiting for me. I didn't tell anything to them. I didn't want them to start yelling at me!!
I quickly had something and went back to her. She was standing at the same place.
"You are not having dinner??"
"No. I had food before getting on the train."
"Alright. So tell me about you.."
"I'll tell you in concise.
My first love happened when I was in school, 11th or 12th.. That was one the best times in my life. We made so many plans for the future believing true love is meant to last long.. Sadly it lasted only for about 6 months. Parental problems!! After school we have talked once or twice on phone.. Then I met this wonderful guy in college. We became friends very fast. I told him everything about my first love.. He was very understanding. He talked to my parents and they kind of agreed and he talked to his parents, they also were ok.. For the next three years in college we spent every moment thinking and caring about each other.. Small fights came in between us but only to make our love stronger... But things always dont't work the way you want it to.. Everything came to a crashing end when he asked me to run away with him.. His parents had never allowed him.. I quarreled with him, stopped talking to him but in the end I gave in... We got into a train and I dreamed of a happy life.. Iwoke up when the train reached its destination but he was not there with me. I didnt know what happened. It was like waking up into a nightmare. For one year I lived in that place, then came back to make the journey once again. And here I am!! It was on this train one year ago we made the journey."
"You didn't inquire or ask anyone?? His friends or relatives??"
"No. I let it rest. Uncertainty is the essence of life.. one year ago when I got on to the train I was certain, but it became uncertain overnight.. I was uncertain what to do when I got into this train."
I was totally speechless.. She was looking out into the darkness, to the distant lights.. Suddenly she turned and said " I cant take it anymore. Goodbye, it was nice talking to you. I know how to make everything certain.. "
I tried holding her back but she was fast and in the commotion I lost my balance and fell out. My head hit on a rock and I passed out. After sometime I regained conscious, I saw her sitting nearby apparently unhurt..
"What happened? You seems OK.."
"I am OK because I didn't fall down. You fell down.."
I didn't understand.. I tried to think hard but my head was paining like anything.. I remember she trying to jump and I was trying to save her.
She came near me and said " You still didn't understand.. Did you?? I am you.. The story I told was what happened to you only.
You believed suicide was not the right way so your mind made me for you to accidentally jump out of a moving train.."

Everything became dark again..

(His body was found the next morning)
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