Thursday, December 30, 2010

A year and a decade

Twenty ten. I should say it was a very good year. Many good things happened to me. College life was never like before. It was the happening year! Except for a few serious blunders the minor blunders went unnoticed this year..

The decade started with me as a 5th standard or 6th standard boy dreaming to be a scientist one day.. As years went many realities hit on my head. There were many regrettable incidences, which happened due to my thought, word, action or omission. There were instances in which I should have said no, but didn’t. It had a good share of happy memories also.. Memories of school life which would be cherished forever.
Coming to the end of the decade, I realized being a scientist doesn’t pay you much so I chose to be a dentist and is currently studying for that. I really hope the coming year and decade would be greater than the one that is getting over!!!
Happy New year!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

You hav a text msg!!!!

(Following is a sms conversation between two people, apparently a boy and a girl.. who is who is up to the reader to decide!! )

“Wea u?”

“Class.. Y??”

“Am in d garden… Wer v used 2 sit..”


“Felt like talking 2 u.. Wen s class getn over?”



“Wat u want 2 talk abt??”

“Abt us…”

“Wat abt us?? Its al over..”

“Is it?”


“I don’t think so..”

“its not my prob”

“true.. nothin was prob with u!”

“bull shit! I always cared 4 u!!”

“Do u? Stil?”

“Do u??”

“mmm.. Think so. . U?”

“Look bak stupid!! :) ”

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