Monday, November 7, 2011

A full cup of coffee

(This is a continuation from 'A half cup of coffee' )

“One more cup please.”

She was standing next to me and I didn’t even see her! And she likes coffee as well. Sarah always surprises me.

“Hey! I didn’t know you liked coffee.”

“I don’t love it but I don’t hate it also. Thing is I am very sleepy right now and I really don’t want to sleep in the next class.. I have heard you drink a lot of coffee.”

She heard about me? Or was she asking about me? I felt any talk in that line would make me look very desperate and stupid. So I did not go with that but I felt really happy that the girl of my dreams has actually heard about me.

“Yeah, some people might even call me an addict. But it’s not that bad, it’s very well under control.”

“That’s good. Too much of anything is not very good.”

That is when I hit the block. I couldn’t think of anything to say to keep the conversation going. And this is like one of those rare moments when she is alone and not with her group of friends.

“So you like this coffee?” Even though I felt it was a stupid thing to ask I just did it.

“Not much. But what choice do I have?”

“Well you can always go to the coffee shop opposite to the college. They serve good coffees.”

“Never knew about that. Actually I haven’t been there many times. May be you can take me there today, after class. What say?”

That was the best moment in my life!! Even though I tried my best to keep it cool there was some amount of excitement when I said yes to her. Just want to classes to get over now! May be I’ll tell her my feelings for her. May be she already knew about and giving me a window to open up. Who knows! I should have asked her out long time back. What a fool I was.

What are they talking for this long? I thought she never drank coffee.And he seems very happy. I wonder if something happened, anyways got to go for the class. They seem least bothered about time.


“Before you even start tell me how many coffees you had today? Your breath stinks of coffee only! How many times I have to tell you not to drink so much coffee! You’ll drown in that!”

“Listen it is not about coffee! Well it’s actually about coffee only. Sarah had coffee with me today. Just before the class started!”


I tried making it look like a genuine surprise. Any other time he would’ve found out I was bluffing but he is in hype.

“Yes and the best part is that I am taking her to the coffee day outside the college. In fact she only suggested I take her there when I said they have better coffee. I think she likes me. Can you believe it? I feel like a fool not asking her out before.”

Of course she likes him. In fact she is head over heels about him for the last one year. Every girl in the hostel knows and thankfully no one outside. And his crush for her only I knew. I could have brought the love birds together. But I never did. Now fate only took the first step..

“What are you thinking so much?”

Then only I realized he was sitting in front of me and I was day dreaming as usual.

“It is great news! So what are you planning to do?”

“Should I do something? May be I’ll get her some flowers.”

“It’s a bit too early for that. Just go there and be yourself and don’t do anything stupid! And don’t try to impress her with your knowledge about coffee. Just because she agreed to have a coffee with you doesn’t means she wants to hear the history of coffee.”

“But if she asks then I can tell right?”

“For God’s sake coffee is not the only drink in the world! How many times I have to tell you? Now go to your seat and think about what not to tell her. Sir will come now.”

As he left I felt a prick in my heart. The fear of losing him filled my heart, which was immediately replaced by the regret of not telling him my actual feelings. If I had told him earlier he might have said yes also. After all he only has said nobody understands him like me. But somehow he never understood me.

(As the class progressed she was silently wiping the drops of tears before anyone could see it, he was thinking about what to tell her and Sarah was reading about coffee in Wikipedia on her phone.)

Continued in The Empty Cup of Coffee


  1. hmm suspense ... :D i think there are some parallels to real life here ;)

  2. Yeah I cant say its totally fiction!

  3. I like the way this story progresses... Keep it life-like as u always do..

  4. Thanx Swetha..I'll try my best to keep it life like! :)


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