Thursday, February 4, 2010

To Sarah, With Love

A prequel to The 5 dreams..


My dear Sarah,

How are you?? I really miss you.

Hope everything is going fine with you. Is that lady taking good care of you?? She looked like a good person. If you like her I’ll ask her to stay even after I come back. How is your class going? Don’t get lazy because I am not there. Do your homework in time. I will go through your progress report when I come back. When you are going out to play don’t go near the well. It’s very dangerous. I know I have told you about those a thousand but still I know a naughty girl like you will go there. Please don’t play any pranks on that lady staying with you. Again I forgot her name. (Don’t tell her I forgot her name)

Again I am repeating what I have told you about the uncle staying next door. Don’t go near that house. He has a gun and he will shoot if children go near his house. If he catches you then he won’t let you go. He will not give you anything to eat. So DON’T GO THERE!!

I know you’ll be missing me very much. Even I am missing you. I am almost sure that lady won’t be telling you good bedtime stories like I used to tell you. Or is she? If not ask her to read you out the stories from the storybooks you have. But you know all the stories in those books, right? Then tell her a story. You are good in story telling. Show her how good you are. Oh I really miss playing the story telling game with. I miss how you used to twist those stories.

Don’t get worried about me. They are taking good care of me here. They told I have some disease in my brain. It’s a rare disease. They have to see if I get better by taking the medicines alone otherwise they ay have to do a surgery. Don’t get tensed, there are some really nice good doctors here. Now I have a room of my own. But the only problem is that it’s locked from outside. There are so many unstable people in the hospital and they may cause harm to me. The hospital is actually for such people only. I am forced to be here because the only doctor who can treat me is working here otherwise I wouldn’t have stayed with these mad people. Sometimes I feel like I am also getting crazy. It’s just the thought of you which is holding me together. I am feeling a bit dizzy now. They say it’s because of the medicines I am taking. I will get better soon and will be back with you as early as possible..

Do take good care,

With lots of love,

Your bro’….

(Sarah had died 3 years back in a road accident along with her parents but her brother survived.)

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