Saturday, December 18, 2010

You hav a text msg!!!!

(Following is a sms conversation between two people, apparently a boy and a girl.. who is who is up to the reader to decide!! )

“Wea u?”

“Class.. Y??”

“Am in d garden… Wer v used 2 sit..”


“Felt like talking 2 u.. Wen s class getn over?”



“Wat u want 2 talk abt??”

“Abt us…”

“Wat abt us?? Its al over..”

“Is it?”


“I don’t think so..”

“its not my prob”

“true.. nothin was prob with u!”

“bull shit! I always cared 4 u!!”

“Do u? Stil?”

“Do u??”

“mmm.. Think so. . U?”

“Look bak stupid!! :) ”


  1. hehe..sweet :) red is definitely girl !!!

  2. haha... :)
    typical typical! :)

  3. t big qn here rohan is... fact or fiction ? :D

  4. S, Thanx for the comment and keep readin!!
    Denizen, it is a FICTION!! The way I emphasized it should tel u dat! :-D

  5. lil kids? or big kids? I like this story... Where do u get such ideas???!

  6. Swetha, its all open to the reader to decide.. Basically I get these ideas when I sit in the class.. So i guess they should be college students at least..


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