Monday, October 8, 2012

At the Crossroads

John stood at the crossroad. The junction.
 He looked at the sign board. From the distance it looked so perfect but only when he got closer he realized the arrows are more like the wheel of fortune. Just one nail holding it to the post and it turns at even the smallest of the breeze.
He had walked out of his home half an hour ago. He was so sure of his journey and the path to be taken when he stepped out. He left his family and came out. He left his neighbour Sarah whom he had a crush. She was willing to come with him but he had to take this journey alone. He carried nothing but his father’s advices. He did not bother with the goodbyes. He was never good at them anyways. With an empty promise that he’ll come back soon he had walked out. He knew he was not going to return for a long time. He knew he had to cut down each of those strings that attach him to the home as he go further.
He stared at the sign post again. He decided to give the wheel a chance and turned it fast.
“Let fate decided which way I should go” he thought.
 He stood there looking at the rotating arrows. Then he changed his mind and started walking on a road. To the unknown future, while the arrows were still turning around that single nail.


  1. haha.. I can clearly see that real life is the inspiration here.. and its a good thing. As I said, the future is a long way away.. theres gonna be some crazy twists n turns.. dont let that stop u. believe in ur goals and carry on :)


    A reminder that we all have these same moments... how we deal with it defines us.

    1. Yeah it is a long way to go and it is just a beginning. .
      And I have read that post when it was published but it makes more sense now. . I guess my perspective changed since then. .

  2. Yup. . Very much from my present situation in life. .
    Thanx for dropping by and keep reading. .

  3. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.


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