Friday, April 19, 2013

The Capital Crime

This is an open letter to the self appointed cultural/moral polices of our country.

A five year old girl has been brutally raped and tortured for four days in the capital city. 

Would you say it happened because the girl wore provocative dress??
Would you say it happened because she went out at night??
Would you say it happened because she was drinking??
Would you say it happened because she went out with another boy??

This happened to a five year old girl who went out to play, right outside her apartment. She was held a captive in the same neighborhood for four days and was tortured and the captive tried to kill her also.

It is sickening and depressing to read about such things in the newspaper, to watch endless debates on the tv.
Just five years. Age where she should be thinking about cartoons and imaginary friends. Her life will not be the same again.
After the brutal Delhi rape incident I was shocked to see some insensitive comments coming from people of position. The indifference to the plight of women in the society has come down to a new level now. The apathy of the law enforcement, the politicization of any such barbaric actions and the time consuming judicial process.
Is our country a haven for rapists and perverts? According to many the rapists did not do anything wrong, it was the victim who provoked them and the victim is to be blamed. I don't think anywhere else such an opinion even exist. Such idiotic comments and statements will only add on to the crimes against women. Anyone would think they can get away with such heinous activities. 
The so called proponents of the Bharath culture should not project their insecurities and attitude on to the youth. They shouldn't pass their archaic opinions as the opinion of the society they are said to be representing. The great culture they talk had widows burned alive. They are not accepting the change, they don't see the world is changing. Gone were the days when the man hunted and brought food while the women cleaned and cooked.
They should know that rape and other crimes against women are not something that happens only in India. There are deeper issues to be addressed but nothing of that sort happens here as they put the blame on the victim. They should make sure men should see a girl for the person she is and not as an object for their gratification.

The saddest and the most depressing part is not the nonsense comments of a few but the silence of the many.
Our country will continue to be a haven for such criminals till that silence is broken and the deep rot is removed. Only a few incidents in the metros will see the light of the day, the rest remain unsaid and unheard.

This post is dedicated to the unheard victims of various sexual crimes happening all over the country, to their silence. 


  1. im honestly tired of this place... no matter what crime is there, some idiot will come to cover it up .. but these days its the police itself !! They tried to bribe her parents not to file a case.. who should we turn to for help when the police themselves are so useless

    1. It is seriously depressing. . The consciousness of the society has gone numb. .

  2. Sequence of events following a crime:
    1.Police refuse to file FIR
    2.Police offer bribe to cover up.
    3.Media somehow gain knowledge of matter.
    4.Politicians as usual condemn the incident.
    5.A few politicians contribute it to western culture, pornography, chicken tikka , chowmein , mc donalds etc
    6.Another select few go on to say that there are "only" 4500 rapes a year which is "less" compared to the total Indian population.
    7.Protests against the same wherein the protestors are manhandled by the police.
    8.Politicians cry for resignation of head of police.

  3. Exactly. . If you think you can change everything by voting out the govt, no the only alternative is even worst than this. . It is seriously sickening. .

  4. The police in India (on the ground) have very bad training and have just one skill: lathii charge.

    Incidentally, that's the only thing the British taught them to do with the crowd. Now, figure :)

    1. The police is indeed living in the colonial era. . We may have Indianised the place names and all but there is a long way to go for the law enforcement. .



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