Monday, August 29, 2016

On Creation

Creationists believe the universe and life originated from specific acts of divine creation.  They consider the earth to be ‘young’ unlike the grand old Earth theorized by the theory of Evolution. I reject the creationist theory with unequivocal conviction. And unlike those grumpy evolutionary scientists my rejection is based on solid proof which I have seen with my own eyes.

If there is anything that can create a universe out of nothing, it is nothing other than a Kerala State Road and Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus! I am driving through the roads of Kerala for the past two months now. Countless number of times I have witnessed the miracle of a KSRTC bus flying past me. By flying I don’t mean the huge clunky Chinese bus which travel above the traffic. KSRTC buses just create roads out of thin air. Just a couple of days back I was stuck in a traffic and with an eerie feeling I could see a KSRTC bus in my left side view mirror. To my best knowledge there is nothing on the left side, not even a pavement. The size of the bus grew larger and like that T-Rex passing right next to you, it went. It took me a while to get out of my shock. It is due unbelief that I have to report that the traffic was still at a standstill. All this while, my car didn’t even move an inch. It is at the moment I had this epiphany: KSRTC buses can create roads and space out of thin air; the rules of traffic and physics don’t apply to them. And if you need any further proof of their miraculous existence, despite travelling nearly at the speed of light, they are almost never on time.

With all the above mentioned proof it can be undeniably concluded that the universe and all the life forms were created from the exhaust of a bunch of KSRTC buses running against time. Unlike other so-called creators KSRTC buses still live amidst the subjects, protecting and punishing them; teaching them humility. Above all they give hope to humanity, miracles can still happen.
Not in the same breath but I also should mention the lesser Gods of the road, the private buses. They may drive rashly, more speed and may cause more accidents. But they aren’t as good as the elder Gods. They are the fast foods in transportation. They come with bright colours and cheesy names but no substance. They try their hand at creation but they cannot dream of matching with the KSRTC buses in the creating roads out of thin air (or even thick air, depends on how bad the exhaust is).

The elder Gods are not alone but. To micromanage the day to day complexities of the never ending traffic, the Gods have anointed autorikshaws. They are also blessed but to a lesser degree of the miracle of creation. In high improbable situations they manage to create a dimple in the space-time fabric to get to their destinations seconds earlier. As with the KSRTCs these tiny angels/devils also have the privilege of selectively following rules of traffic as well as physics.
In the end these Gods have taken forms of automobiles, both big and small, to teach humanity valuable lessons. Patience, tolerance, acceptance etc which take years of meditation can be learned in a matter of few days if one were to drive through the streets of God’s own country. Ever wondered why is it called God’s own Country? Now you know.


  1. Rohan, let me first appreciate your writing.. loved the insight and the perspective.. I recollect a book, couple of years back on chaos theory. Makes us part empirical and part speculative, but unfailingly provocative, rigorous, and thoughtful when we come across such situations.. The non linear dynamics is applicable to the day to day chaos around us yet, fail to see a pattern.. I'm hell confused about Creation and Chaos. Call for Inner peace may be??

    1. Thank you boss! Yes I agree with you, we most often fail to see the patterns emerge from the day to day chaos around us. The fact that we acknowledge the chaos amidst the patterns and the patterns from chaos is enough I guess. Inner peace!

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