Sunday, November 22, 2009

On a Birthday anniversary..!!

Apparently November has the maximum number of birthdays according to my birthday calendar (including mine.! Belated wishes and gifts will b accepted!!)
So be the birth of the blog!!
According to the wishes people gave this is what they expect you to do
• You are supposed to have a blast
• You are not supposed to do anything ‘wild’
• Should be fun-filled
• Should thank god for finishing one more year
• You are supposed to give a party/ treat
The last is the worst!! Can’t imagine myself spending!! (Thou Am not at all averse in getting treats..!)

Now about my birthday
I didn’t have a blast neither was the day fun filled. But I did give treats to some (many asked) of my friends who succeeded in cornering me. Things went wild in class when my friends started singing happy bday to a classmate and myself.!(Needless to say she was also born on the same day). It was embarrassing as we were the centre of attraction because the only other time I become the centre of attraction in the class is when a teacher asks me questions and I stand with a blank face and stupid smile:).!! And because its ma bday I was asked by my friends to stop pulling their legs for one day which was tedious as I had to stop talking only..! Besides my 100 free sms got over by evening which was devastating. Normally if it gets over (rarely happens) I can manage with miss calls. But since it is my bday I should be thanking people who take time to wish me on getting older..!! Birthdays are expensive!!

It can get even worst if you are in a hostel, where there is a tradition of birthday bumps. It feels really good to kick someone in their butts but getting kicked don’t feel so good and if your friends are generous like mine you’ll probably see the heavens and not see the loo for 2 days!! (plain exaggeration!)

When you are in primary school it was day for chocolates, gifts and most of all wearing colour dress to school..
Then in high school and higher secondary it was just another way to show off in front of the girls. You can offer them chocolates and go for a hand shake without the fear of rejection..!! ( Its not good manners not to wish a birthday boy.!)
But coming to colleges why people are not growing up? At least in the matter of growing old they should grow up!
People always want to stay young forever but still they celebrate getting older.!!

In the end its a personal decision on how to spend the anniversary of the birthday (technically you can have only one birthday; that’s the day you were born and you celebrate its anniversary)..
If someone decides to give a big treat on his/her birthday its obviously their choice..
I should feel good for them!!
( As long as am invited!! If not it is just a waste of money!!!)

“And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count.It's the life in your years.
-Abraham Lincoln


  1. putting the idea of brirthdays into perspective
    p.s. i like that i've been included in this blog =)

  2. teresa i din c u comin in the blog!!! :P

    Doc, thanx!! i'l keep 'em comin!!..!

  3. hmm...nice way of putting it..cudnt have done t better ...keep writing :)

  4. oh yea and t bumps ...i dread those..considering all the big guys in my behind ws smarting for a whole week !

  5. thanx denizen... :)
    regarding bumps i tried 2 bribe 'em with chocolates dis year!! ;) It worked!! :D

  6. Thnx for t tip....doubt i will gt a chnce for putting it into effect though :)

  7. jus welcome d butt kicker with an open smile nd chocos!!! it'l work unless they r determined to kick ur ass.. In which situation wearin 2 or 3 boxers nd a thick jeans might help!! :D


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