Saturday, December 19, 2009

RDMC at work!!!

For the past one week my campus is in a ghost fever!! Apparently a ghost has been spotted in the campus by the night guards..! This is how it happened…

Initially it was ‘something unusual’ and they complained but as the story progressed it became a lady (obviously white saree long hair and all the usual stuff).. Then later a fat old man with a hood was also seen with her.. To make things more terrifying the guard heard footsteps but her legs were absent.. Scary isn’t it??

But one thing is that they were ‘seen’ ‘walking’ towards the girls’ hostel..!!! This was going on for days, the problem started when a sincere security tried to stop him/her/both because unless you are a student you need a pass to go to hostel!!!..

His hand got paralyzed and fell down unconscious!!! She/He/Both wont take no for answer especially when there is no question asked!!!

Then they put up this flood light.. Nothing was reported after that!! May be she/he/both couldn’t manage the publicity she/he/ both was getting as people got excited at the paranormal activity supposed to be going on in the otherwise dead campus!! Or may be ghosts suffer from photophobia!!!…

From a single lady it went to a lady and a fat person with a hood and a walking stick..

Then this place where it is the college now was used for dumping murdered people!!

There is a construction work in the campus which is not completed due to unknown reasons ( now we know the reason!! GHOST!!!)

Two cleaning ladies had died in the nearby woods some years back! (To this day nobody knows how!!)

This is the second time something if this sort happening in the last 6 years!!

Based on all these bits of information rumours have been postulated by the RDMC( Rumour Development and Maintenance Committee) on the Ghosts in Campus!!!

Hypo # 1: The girl had an undying desire to become a doctor!!! But her parents opposed.. She walked out of her home… Poor girl didn’t know how bad the world was… Next day her body was found at the exact spot where the ghost is spotted now…!!Her legs were cut at the ankles when they found the body.. It was said that she haunted all her murderers and they died by bleeding from a wound on their ankles!!! Since the place became a medical college how can she go anywhere else?? !!! (The fat man is unaccounted in this hypo!!.!)

Hypo #2: This is a simple one!! Girl wanted to be a doctor.. Parents opposed!! She committed suicide.. Father went into depression.. He also committed suicide!! Now she has come to study and her father following her!! (but why this college???!!)

Hypo #3: Girl loves a guy.. But he was cheating on her and was after another girl.. The 2nd girl was studying here and staying in the hostel!!! 1st girl found about this and killed herself!! But actually the 2nd girl was cheating the cheater!! Apparently when the cheater came to know that he was being cheated he became mad and was admitted in a mental hospital… He wished the 1st girl would come back… Due to the pull of his deep psycho-emotions her soul came back and she haunted the girl who cheated on the guy who cheated on her as her true love didn’t allow her to haunt the cheater!!

And the fat guy was the cheater’s cellmate who died.. Being good friends he followed the girl to protect her from emotionless stone hearted guards!!!(phew!! but the legs??)

Hypo #4: The cadavers in the anatomy lab are bored!! Is it a crime if they sneak out once in a while???!!

Hypo#5: The girls who had gone to the pub forgot to take invisibility cloak!!! Left it at the pub…!!( but they could have flown in with the flying car!!)

RDMC is working on the loopholes and will come out with a better version soon!!! So keep reading!! :)


  1. i think it maybe hypo #4 or #5 =)

  2. definitely!! apparently some got confused in hypo#3... Even am confused!! Wat was i thinking???

  3. now that s a possibility i havnt thought of... :D
    according to latest RDMC reports the whole ghost incident was made up so that d particular guard can leave the college!!


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