Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dairy of my Nerd neigbour: The Church bell Acanthoma

Today was a bad day!! I couldn't answer a question in the class test..
I came early to class and sat next to the topper.. Not that I wanted to copy or anything (I was studying for the last one week!!!), but just in case.. But sir made me move from that place and had to sit in the back bench.. I hate those places..
Then Rohan came. First of all he was late and above all he came and sat right behind me.. Test started. It was pretty easy.. I just didn't know one answer.. After 5 minutes I think, Rohan started poking me, he was asking for my paper!! I was too afraid to turn!! Sir will think i tried to copy from him.. (Yeah right!! As if I want to copy from him!!You really cant believe how dumb they act at times..)
I told him ( facing front only, not turning back) I'll dictate the answers.. "I just know one answer!! You'll dictate the whole answer sheet?" He asked. I sat as if I didn't hear what he said. I got up to take an extra paper, saw Rohan's paper. It was shocking! Yeah, it was almost blank.. But the only answer he wrote was the answer I didn't know! I asked him that answer.. "You bloody @!!@$!@$!@!@$... " was the reply.. I am still wondering how he knew the answer...* I think sir saw me turning back.. I simply sat there as if nothing happened.. But then sir came and went through my paper. He didn't say anything, kept it back and took Rohan's paper.. I heard an exclamation..
"What is this?? Church bell acanthoma??** Even though I listened hard I could hear only some mumbled response from Rohan. Finally sir took our papers and left.. Throughout the day I thinking of those two things.. How he knew the answer and what is church bell acanthoma.. I tried searching it in every standard foreign and Indian authors text books.. I searched online also but still I have no idea about it..
Tomorrow have to ask the class topper or I'll ask sir only..

* I had the notes with me.. Unfortunately it had only one answer!!!
** Acanthoma is a pathological condition.. Church bell is how it looked in my paper..

***The nerd neighbor is a work of fiction but 'church bell acanthoma' has been found in my paper recently!!!


  1. Hehehe...!!! So, are you the brat in your class?!
    Reading this I am reminded of such a guy who was my classmate in college.
    - when sir looks at him (who sits in the last bench) and starts scolding him (cos he is the prank master), the entire class would turn to see what he is doing! ...and he would also turn - looking at the wall behind! :)

  2. Well not exactly!! But close enough. . :-D
    And your classmates story has given me a good idea. . Will implement it the next time am caught. .
    Anyway Thanx for the comments! Keep reading!!

  3. surprised i dint comment on this one earlier...:P hmmm..... somehow i cant help thinkin that i was in a similar situation be4 :) :)

  4. Yea?? guess it always happens to the 'good' boys in the class!! ;-)


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