Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Exams again!!

The yearly event to make sure you live for a month entirely on coffee and chocolates!
The yearly event to make sure you don't use pillows to sleep!
The yearly event to make sure you regret every time you bunked and went for a movie!
The yearly event where your imagination reaches new heights!!

The ultimate suspense thriller!! Exams!!
I have not been putting up any posts recently as my imagination and creativity was drained by cracking stupid PJs to the serious studious students (read girls!!)
As my university exam is supposed to be in June 3rd week, they have started preparing for the battle! These are some random thoughts about exams..

Apparently there are three attitudes seen among the exam going students.
1)"OH MY GOD!!! Hardly a month!!! What to do with that??"
2)"One month is there!! Have to plan a timetable and start from 'tomorrow'!"
3)"When is Iron Man 2 releasing??" ( Actually when is it getting released??)

The advent of exam season is marked by a sudden increase in attendance and frequent visits to library.
Or it is when I see a couple sitting separately and studying during free time!(Couples doing combined 'study' is a common sight actually!!)
During exam I always felt there is spurt of creativity in everyone. After sitting with the book for sometime you get up bored, go to the other room, start talking about something and the ideas coming are totally mind blowing!! The 'night outs' are yet another phenomenon seen during the season! Last time I did a night out I kept my laptop on thinking I'll watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S or House MD while taking breaks.. And it ended up watching books while taking a break from the laptop!!
The most depressing part in the season is that there is no one to talk to properly!! Either most of them are busy studying or all they want to talk to about is studies! Its really depressing!!
I really hope to concentrate and get through somehow!!

"Damn true: Just when we sit down to study, Everything else on earth gets so interesting!!
Even just staring at the wall!!" - Another forwarded sms..


  1. and it also is a time where there is a renewed sense of faith :)

  2. True!! Somehow missed that point!! ;-)


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