Sunday, November 21, 2010

10 steps for a Free Icecream!!

It’s been a year since the blog was born. As with my most of other actions this also didn’t have any particular reason or aim. It just happened As a Matter of Chance! On this happy occasion I am offering free coffee flavored ice creams to all my readers!!!
This is being done in association with Baskin Robbins.
Please follow the steps given below to get it.

1) Put a comment on this post or any other post. (Previous comments are acceptable)
2) Take a print out of that page.
3) Go to your nearest Baskin Robbins outlet.
4) Check for the sign saying “As a Matter of Chance Offer Valid!!”
5) Go in and order coffee flavored ice cream
6) Enjoy the ice cream
7) Show cashier your print out
8) Show your id
9) Argue with the cashier
10) Walk/run out!!!

Repost this on your facebook, twitter or anywhere else to get more flavors. Offer valid only for a week!
Enjoy your ice cream!!
It’s been a great year!
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  1. wow.. i am so gonna try this out..i'm sure step 10 is a joke so gonna ignore it... esp in my hometown where people kill each other for nothing and make bombs for a hobby :)

  2. Yes.. in such a situation i would advise not to follow step 10!! Just pay him and get his name.. I'll talk to Baskin Robbins CEO... :D

  3. Hmm y go thru such trouble...i think il catch t blog owner personally .. and if its a success thn why stop @ fb,twitter n social ntwrkn sites? ill spam t entire WWW with "as a matter of chance" links :P
    P.S. I love mocha n almond fudge :D

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. @denizen the owner of this blog has an uncanny ability to outrun anyone who asks him treat of any sort!!! Do bear that in mind before going to the owner!! :-P

  6. Congratulations.I almost believed you!


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