Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A half cup of coffee

I am standing there looking at the half full cup of coffee in my hand. I shouldn’t finish it off soon then she’ll think I was waiting here for her. I don’t want her to think like that. At least till I tell her about my feelings, which might be today, tomorrow or never. Who knows...

He is still outside the coffee shop?? How much time will he take to finish a coffee?? Have to meet him today and talk to him. He has always been a good friend but of all the people I don’t think he has expected me to have feelings for him. Even I didn’t expect me to have them!!

Finally Sarah is heading this way! Why does she have to walk in a group?? If it wasn’t for that group I would have told her long time back. Should I text her again? But that’ll seem desperate, which I am...

If only I can manage to get out of this group and talk to him alone. Even though he said he’ll be there for some more time I doubt. He has been standing there for quite some time now.

“Sarah!! Hey! How are you doing??”
“Guess what! I am going for a party tonight!”
“Really that’s awesome! So what plans till then?”
“I have to head back to home and get ready! You know right how much time girls need to get ready.”
“Oh yes! So going back home huh??”
“Yup!! Anyways see you later! Bye..”

Why is he leaving?? Why can’t he stay till I am done here? Anyone might think he was waiting for Sarah. They talked for hardly a minute and now she is gone. He is also slowly walking away. Bad luck I guess!

I stood there looking at the half empty cup of coffee in my hand. It was cold. I threw it and walked away.

(Continued in The full cup of Coffee)


  1. what a waste of coffee :P welcome back !

  2. Great post! :)

  3. Mysterious... and good style. Waiting for it to continue.

  4. Based on a true story from the author's life... isn't it? ;-)

  5. Jojo, Thanx!
    Farila, Hopefully it'l com thru. .
    Swetha, wel I cant say its totally fiction! ;-)

  6. Hopefully????? This better have an ending. I am waiting..! :-)

  7. Zeba, it'll come soon.. Thanx for dropping by.. Keep reading... :)

  8. need for serendipity ? :)

  9. Nice, but a bit lost here - I can sense two people's thoughts here - the guys's and another, the silent admirer/lover's? yeah? but...oh well, maybe you shouldpost a sequel. :-)

    Nice tone, though.

  10. Thanx for dropping by..
    And yeah the sequel is coming soon!!

  11. Thanx mate!! Keep reading! :-)Thanx mate!! Keep reading! :-)


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