Monday, November 21, 2011

The two years

When I started this blog I seriously had no idea where it was heading and what Am I gonna put up and after 2 years of blogging I still don't know the answers. . I can safely say this blog has truly happened as a matter of chance.
Writing has always been a passion for me. I enjoy writing and ironically I have the worst handwriting possible. (Which has been made fun of umpteen number of times from my 4th standard malayalam teacher to the college staff, without fail almost everyone who has seen it..Well that is not what this post is about.)
So back to blogging.. I started this thinking it would be the next best thing after facebook (I know, too much exaggeration!! )
Later on i realized it is not gonna happen. (I still don't know why.. Come on I was more qualified than Mark Z when he started fb.. )
Anyways Am happy where I am right now. I got a bunch of readers, who may not always leave a comment but would give the feedback directly.
I don't know how many of you remember the offer I gave for the 1st anniversary ( Free Ice creams!) this time its gonna be even better!
There are two offers.
Offer no 1: 'Like' or '+' as much posts in the blog and person who does the maximum likes can redeem them in KFC! You should see for the sign saying "As a Matter of Chance offer valid". If you find the sign then go ahead and place the order. Once you get it ask for the 'gifts for Likes'
100 likes : beautiful aroma of the fried chicken
200 likes : one tissue paper extra
250 likes : one sachet ketchup
500 likes : one sachet ketchup and a tissue paper extra
(And this time I am not asking you bring any proof or anything because of the simple reason that I trust you guys!)
More than 500 likes : You are lying, there is no way you can put more than 500 likes!!!!

Offer no 2: Its very simple. Just find me and ask me for a coffee! And I shall be giving it!

Best of luck!
Keep reading!! :) :)


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