Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 the year that went by, was a good one for me.
Academically passing the final year (The Inner Peace) was the best of all!
In the blogosphere I was honored twice by Blogadda by choosing my Murders at the hospital and The Patient I'll never forget for their Tangy Tuesday and Spicy Saturday picks..
I got to travel a lot and meet up with new people and got to know the old ones better! Some of them I just met once and became friends forever! Never imagined such things would happen..
I started this post to put down all the good memories of 2011 and now I realized its just too much and I might miss out some! ( And definitely not because I am called for dinner!!)
The bad and sad memories I choose to forget because as life goes by we don't usually keep track of the bad events that happened. Its always the 'good old days'! So 2011 was great for all of you as well! Never keep any regrets coz the past ain't coming back!! (Unless I invent a time machine! Yes I am going to continue my PJs to 2012 also!)

Have a great 2012!!!


  1. Amen bro.. here's looking forward to a bigger, brighter, happier 2012.

  2. Have a great one doc!! Considering your story getting published Am sure its gonna be good for ya!!

  3. Wish u a great 2012 bro :) keep em articles coming!


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