Sunday, October 24, 2010

Diary of my Nerd neighbor: Long hours, Coffee and the D-man!!

Final year till now has been really hectic (well not that hectic but people expect it to be hectic, so Am just telling it to be hectic!!). Daily morning classes are there and I am always the first to reach class. I enjoy these classes very much. The crisp fresh morning helps you learn really well.
But Rohan always comes late and nicely sleep in the class. I don’t why the staffs haven’t caught him till now. First of all I don’t how he came to final year. I was sitting near him in the exams and I don’t think there was even one answer he wrote on his own. (The Exams) Anyways the class starts at 8 am and goes till 11 on most of the days. 3 lectures a day. The best part about being in final year is that the teachers who come to take class explain everything with the great detail with the clinical aspect. They are so much concerned about us understanding the topic they go to any extend to make us learn. I don’t understand how Rohan can sleep in such classes. He really doesn’t know what he is missing out.
Among his irritating habits the latest is his coffee drinking. After every class he runs out and after 5 minutes comes back with a cup of coffee and fills the A/C lecture hall with its aroma... It’s truly disgusting. I don’t like that smell of coffee..
And worst of all he is in my posting batch also. This means we are in the same batch for clinical postings throughout the year.. Things can’t be any worst. Only two postings have been over till but I feel like its been more than a year.. Its true that time goes really slow when you are with whom you really want to avoid!! But then again I cant do anything about it so I always pretend he is invisible and cant hear him.. Especially when he is cracking his really stupid PJs..
But once I was happy when he told a joke. Not that the joke was good; they are always bad jokes.. But right after he told it a professor saw him talking and caught him for that. He was made to repeat the work he was doing and was asked to show him only all his work from that day on. This professor is somewhat a perfectionist and Rohan is the last person to make something perfect. That was one of my happiest day in that department. Now he is going to lag in his work. But surprisingly his work starts improving. The worst part is now he just goes to that professor and tells him bluntly that he didn’t understand if something is not clear.. Totally rude!!
But the best part was on the last day or I thought so.. There is something called an appliance where you have to make an initial skeleton kind of thing with steel wire and then acrylize it. So we have to sign for the wire bending and then for the final appliance. He didn’t know it and I was least bothered to tell him also. He was showing one of these appliances to this sir and he asked if he had taken sign for the wire bending. Rohan obviously had no idea about this and said no and even went on to say that he doesn’t think others also know. Sir got angry and asked everyone. Apparently Rohan was the only one who didn’t know about this. Instead of getting angry as I hoped sir got amused and called him the D-man!! And asked what does D stand for. He promptly replied donkey.
“That you already are. Tell me or else Am not gonna leave you!”
“Yes! You are the Dumb-man!!”
Never before I was so happy.. Sir asked him to get his record book and I was sure sir will be canceling most of his works which means he has to do them again.. I expected him to be sad and depressed. But it seems sir remembered him showing the wire bending and so he cancelled only one sign.. Just one work!!!
I thought life was good again.. God knows how I’ll manage rest of the year with him!!!

(As I have mentioned before the Nerd neighbor is a work of fiction. But most of the other stuff is true. Sleeping in the class, frequent coffees to keep myself awake.. Getting caught for laughing and talking.. I have done blunders before also (like most of my vivas and answer sheets!!) but getting a name doing one is pretty much new to me!! Hope this is the last time am getting one! And now the staff expects us to read textbooks and write assignments. It gets hectic when we pile up everything for the last moment which I always do. Hope the year goes fine…)

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  1. hey Rohan ! great write up!really brought out t nerd's true emotion :) waiting for more :)

  2. Thanx man! I surely hope the nerd is not angry with me. .

  3. good one dude. We all come across similar instances in life. ;)

  4. True. . Part and parcel of college life. . :-)

  5. Nice one... Quite high on the humour quotient too..

  6. it took me back to my graduation days and the science labs.. that I never like X(

    :) was very funny..and I could almost picturise you..brat!


  7. Swetha thanx!!
    S, good to know my post actually provoked some memories!!


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