Monday, January 17, 2011

Diary of my nerd Neighbor : D-man strikes again with the screw ups!!

Dear diary, I gotta tell you this so badly before anything else. I have always worked hard since I can remember but last one month you know, was truly hectic!! I am not complaining you see, because I know this is what to expect. Unlike Rohan who was complaining throughout the posting. He as usual got screwed every single day! There are no apparent reasons other than his utterly foolish answers he tells every time something is asked. I don’t know for sure but I have heard someone telling me that one sir got so pissed of with his answer that sir actually hit him on his back!! I always miss these golden moments!! At one point of time Rohan got so much depressed and frustrated with the constant screwing he got, he started taking it out on us. It was simply horrible!! 
But the weirdest thing is that in spite of all this he gets to represent the college and go somewhere. God only knows where and all.. I didn’t bother asking also! Who wants to waste time like that?? Even though it would have been a nice experience… Initially I used to feel sympathy at the constant screwing he gets from the staff. Thought he might change and stop irritating us but that will never happen I guess.. He was very happy at the last day in that dept but then he got screwed like never before in the viva.. It seems the staff had a good time asking him questions while he just kept quite. Even the staff got mad and said that we all are dumb (how dare she calls us that?? May be because she haven’t taken my viva till then) but he is dumber than the rest!! The D-word is clinging on to him like a label!! And am loving it!! Do you remember diary, before also a professor had called him D-man!! Anyways he has to give the viva again! Ha!

(As always I again would like to say that the nerd neighbor is a work of fiction! Recently a friend of mine came to me and said it was very bad of me to write about her like this!! I was taken aback by the fact that my blog is getting more readers!! Am content! Recently my days were really bad as I screwed up so many things.. Can’t really blame the staff alone for getting screwed. Its difficult to admit but there were many mistakes from my part also which put me into unavoidable conflicts with others.. I can proudly say I am wiser than what I was a month ago. And I should thank the very staff who screwed me for that. I started reading just to avoid getting the daily routine ‘idiot’ calling! But could never avoid that as I always screw up something each time!! And then there were these people around me who had to bear all my frustration just because they happened to be my friends!!! Couldn’t help it!)

Half of January is over so its kinda late for new year events but this one is awesome. I welcomed the new year and the new decade by being online and doing absolutely nothing else! I was invited by Vijay (Mallya) for his party in Goa but I didn’t go because it seems my pet bat Roxi was not allowed inside!! They claimed it to be a party for night creatures and I cant take mine! Moronic!!

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  1. Maybe u needed to carry Roxi on a leash... U kno what happnz whn the night creatures see their fav drink!! Oh well, maybe next time! I did manage to sneak in my fennec fox (Salem),after trading in my Rolex (its a very good imitation,the security guy'll never find out)...

  2. Mmm.. Thats a good idea!! Should try it out for valentines day!! :D

  3. Hi
    Don't just worry about exams and vivas.Like everything else in life,this too will pass.

    Yes,I heard that you refused the invitation to Mallaya's party.But I also heard rumors of you being seen in his yacht with his calender girls!

  4. Oh! Shit! Dat was supposed to be a secret! Now vijay s gonna get mad at me and wont invite next year!

  5. ooo so this is what u meant by screw ups!!
    all the best!

  6. Yup dis s exactly wat I meant! :-) ;-)


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